Working On

Building out a new kind of decentralized ecosystem for storytelling with the geniuses at Brud.

Tinkering With

How tokens can be used for interactions that aren't purely financial.

What happens when you tease out the difference between governance and decision-making.

Obsessing Over

Teaching myself Solidity.

I co-founded a company (🦠 ⚰️) in early 2019 that was working on making investing in commercial real estate more accessible and I'm still obsessed with that.

Generally, financial literacy in a world that is becoming more financialized is always on my mind.

Listening to Kali Malone to get my chakras on X Games mode.

Reading about the occult roots of abstract art.

Answered For Free:

Does my brand identity suck?

Do you think the SEC be angry at me if I tokenize this?

Is there any truth to this conspiracy theory I just read about?

Payment Plans Available:

What might be an interesting way for my company to wade into the blockchain space?

How do I make my protocol/product/service feel more culturally relevant?

Can you help me make this crazy idea make sense?

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